Indoor Golf - Is This Activity For You?

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As the cold winter days in Canada make their way, our options of outdoor activities become quite minimal. Many people opt for skiing, snowboarding, skating, and the like of these sports. But what about golf? Many people assume that it’s only for those who don’t have the time to play outdoors. With the growing number of golf courses indoors, it’s always been difficult to convince people that there is actually something worthwhile about playing this sport indoors. Even some avid golfers see nothing special about playing in a gym or public place. However, there are many benefits of playing indoor golf over outdoor golf. Let’s look at some of them:

Indoor Golf Is Safer and More Comfortable

Outdoor golf can be dangerous due to the elements, the extreme heat and cold, and the hazards of a natural environment. Golf balls, clubs, and other equipment can get dirty, torn, or broken. There are also insects to be concerned with, and it’s easy to slip and fall on slick ground. Playing indoors is much safer and more comfortable. It’s also more convenient, since you can play whenever you want, whenever it’s cooler, and whenever you have the time. The only time you’re likely to get a headache is when you play in a poorly ventilated area. That’s why indoor golf is safer and more comfortable.

Indoor Golf Is More Affordable

Playing indoor golf is much cheaper than going outdoors. It’s not only about the cost of the equipment, but also about the cost of maintenance. Outdoor golf courses need to be mowed, trimmed, and maintained as a natural environment requires constant care and attention. Indoor golf courses, on the other hand, are easier to maintain, so maintenance costs are lower. Indoor courses also require less maintenance, so they are more affordable. Playing indoor golf is also more affordable because the cost of renting a space for the duration of your round is much less than buying, maintaining, and policing an entire parcel of land. And when compared to week-long golf vacations to some exotic island, playing indoor golf is a lot more affordable.

Playing Indoors Improves Grip and Swing Technique

As a beginner, you’re likely to struggle with grip, which is why you’re advised to practice it as much as possible. Playing indoor golf helps develop a better grip. This is because indoor golf courses often have a lot of rubber mats, and you’re likely to get good practice with different grips. Playing indoor golf also improves your swing technique because you’re constantly hitting a rubber ball. You also need to keep a steady grip on the club, control your breathing while swinging, and align your body with the target. These are all things you’re unlikely to practice if you play outdoors. So, playing indoors helps you develop better swing technique.


Golf is a challenging game, and playing outdoors can be challenging as well — there are lots of factors beyond your control. Playing indoors, on the other hand, removes all the factors outside your control and provides you with a consistent and reliable game. There is no wind and no rain, so if you’re a golfer who likes a challenge, indoor golf is a great option. If you’re hesitant to play indoor golf because you think you won’t enjoy it, think again. You might be surprised by just how much you enjoy playing indoors! With the help of these benefits, indoor golf can be a great way to stay fit and enjoy a round of golf when the weather doesn’t permit you to play outdoors.

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