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Meet Cody Hancock

Cody is the Teaching Professional and Junior Golf Coordinator at Sturgeon Valley Golf and Country Club and is also a part owner of Ted Dancin's Indoor Golf where he provides coaching during the offseason.
Book a lesson with him today and take your golf skills to the next level!

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Club Building
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Club Rentals

We've got all sizes!

We offer both left and right handed golf clubs for rent at only $15 per session. Sizes start from 5 yr olds up to Men's and Ladies adult. Kids 14 and under can rent clubs for free with their booking!

virtual golf
like never before

Take a look at what makes virtual golf at Ted Dancin's the right choice for you and your friends! We are your choice for St. Albert Indoor Golf.

Track Ball Data

BALL OPTIX on our simulators simulators allow you track the following ball data:

Ball Speed
Side & Back Spin
Side Angle & Total
Launch Angle

Angle of Descent/Land Angle
Flight Time
Distance of Apex Carry
Run and Total Distance

Track Club Data

CLUB OPTIX on our simulators simulators allow you track the following club data:

Club Speed
Dynamic Loft
Angle of Attack
Smash Factor
Club Path
Club Face Angle

Club Face to Path
Club Lie Angle
Club Loft Angle
Impact Point Vertical
Impact Point Horizontal


We are a licensed facility, offering a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. We are proudly partnered with Endeavour Brewery, a local St.Albert brewery, carrying a variety of Pilsners, Ipa's, and specialty beer.
If you're Hungry, we have small snacks like chips, chocolates and beef Jerkey. Or  Feel free to order a pizza or Skip the dishes to our facility - just let the staff know which room you've ordered to!

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